Saturday, February 26, 2005

:::A Narrow Escape:::

Everything happens in beats.
One: two girls in black jogging outfits step onto the escalator that runs up through the open center of the building. Two: a woman sitting facing the window on the third floor stiffens and raises her head without turning to look at the escalator behind her. Three: the two joggers make small adjustments to the music players strapped to their arms. They turn in place as the escalator rises, searching.
One: the woman at the window hunches over the computer in her lap, tapping furiously. Two: the escalator reaches the third floor. The two joggers separate, taking opposite paths around the ring towards the woman. Three: the woman hits enter one last time, then rises gingerly, closing the laptop.
One: the two joggers close the distance in powerful, athletic strides, stopping ten feet from either side of her. Two: the woman turns and walks slowly to the railing of the balcony. She stops, leaning against it. Three: the joggers reach up and press a button on their music players. In the space between them, a thrumming sound like a base guitar string can just be heard.
One: the woman goes limp, falling forward almost gracefully over the railing. Two: the joggers rush forward. Someone at a table says, "Oh my God!" Three: the woman drops fast. A dozen feet away from the hard tile of the ground floor, she begins to slow until she is floating down the last yard.
One: the joggers frown then turn, running back around the ring of the second floor for the down escalator. Two: the woman picks herself up off the floor and pushes through the doors. Three: the doors close behind her, with a clap, cutting off the view of the gawking crowd.

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I love stories - especially speculative fiction, and I named this blog Brief Glimpses of Somewhere Else because I think of each story as a window into another world.

If this is your first time here, I recommend "Legacies" and "The Great Puzzle", both of which were nominated for a 2006 Parsec Award. You can also find "Timmy, Jimmy, and the Beast of Tagmart" as well as "Late Shift at the Souleater" in the podcast anthology Voices: New Media Fiction available at

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