Wednesday, May 18, 2005

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The contemporary fantasy or urban fantasy genre is one that I greatly enjoy reading. In most of these stories, magic is something that has always existed in secret alongside society or (as in some RPGs) has recently returned after being gone from the world. I wanted to play with the idea of magic that is not old but new. Instead of finding power in ancient secrets, what if magic became possible through technological and scientific discoveries. Who would be the people on the cutting edge? What would we turn to in order to provide meaning and identity for the people who develop this new magic? If there are no true ancient magical societies, would we turn to our speculative fiction for guidance? How would the government react?
Obviously, I did not find a spot to develop all of these ideas inside "Reality Hackers," so I am hoping to find a chance to bring more of them out in future stories. I've definitely got a few characters in my head that I wouldn't mind sharing with you.

Until then...

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I love stories - especially speculative fiction, and I named this blog Brief Glimpses of Somewhere Else because I think of each story as a window into another world.

If this is your first time here, I recommend "Legacies" and "The Great Puzzle", both of which were nominated for a 2006 Parsec Award. You can also find "Timmy, Jimmy, and the Beast of Tagmart" as well as "Late Shift at the Souleater" in the podcast anthology Voices: New Media Fiction available at

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