Sunday, February 27, 2005

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I wrote "A Narrow Escape" while sitting on the second floor of the huge three story Barnes and Noble at the Farmer's Market in LA. I was listening to Thievery Corporation's "Warning Shots" at a table right beside a row of comfy, occupied chairs next to the windows (and the power outlets). The chorus was repeating: "One, and in comes the Two to the Three, and One, and in comes the Two to the Three..." when a couple of blond joggers bustled into the lobby below me.

My intention is for this blog to be a place where you can stop by regularly to get a small cup of fiction. It won't usually be a whole story - just a little something poured from my imagination and mixed with a dash of my surroundings at the time. Think of them as espresso shots of other worlds.

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I love stories - especially speculative fiction, and I named this blog Brief Glimpses of Somewhere Else because I think of each story as a window into another world.

If this is your first time here, I recommend "Legacies" and "The Great Puzzle", both of which were nominated for a 2006 Parsec Award. You can also find "Timmy, Jimmy, and the Beast of Tagmart" as well as "Late Shift at the Souleater" in the podcast anthology Voices: New Media Fiction available at

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